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While gathering pine nuts in Nevada a number of years ago, I found a small round container about the size of chewing tabacco. Made of rusted iron, it rattled when I shook it. To rusted to open, I hit it with my hammer around the rim. It opened and I found it was a container of blasting caps made of copper with blue stains. I about had a heart attack! I took one of the caps and using tissue paper for a fuse, found out that yes, they were still explosive! (Dumb people do dumb things.) In mining area's, keep watch out for small metal containers and don't try to open them. Old dynamite sticks which you may come across, especially those which have white crystals forming on the outside of the sticks are dangerous too. If you find a box of dinamite, leave the area. The dead have no use for gold! And it's not worth your life to take chances with explosives! :(
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Re: Explosives

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There are a lot of mines in western Utah that have old dynamite left in them. Be very carefull.
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