lost cabin cache around browns park utah

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lost cabin cache around browns park utah

Post Number:#1  Postby roughrockxxx » Mon May 21, 2012 11:24 am

On a fishing expection here.

Anybody got anything they can share on the lost cabin cache that comes from george thompsons book and
probably treasure magazines of about 25 or so years ago?

3 or four outlaws robbed a train in rock springs and went into browns park then west along the green river having to go south into the timber area.

Buiit a small cabin buried a sack of gold coins planing to return later.
Only 1 made it back 30 years later but couldnt find the cabin.
Suppose to be real remote because of hiding out for months.
Stories of sheep herders finding and then cant refind.
Its probably on the north side of diamond mountain somewherer in the little hole area.
Been in the area quite a bit, but no luck
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Re: lost cabin cache around browns park utah

Post Number:#2  Postby LostLoot307 » Fri May 05, 2017 6:54 pm

I believe you're​ talking about the Tipton train robbery on September 1st 1901 by Butch Cassidy and the boys,now I know for a fact my great grandma was beast friends and had a fling or two with Butch but she knew him as george. On Sept 3 George shows up inside​ South Pass looking like he had a rough couple of days and in desperate need of a bath.as they talked about the old days conversation led to his where about and why he looked so rough,the boys split some to browns hole,some to the roost but Butch headed north the had horse relays set from Casper to Black Butte mountain,with Pinkertons everywhere in between they figured split up and in a week's time meet at the hole,Butch being all alone didn't want to head into any towns with his bags full so of course he put it in the ground in the middle of a patch of aspens SW of South Pass not to far from water he un shoed his horse and nailed them on the trees facing N,E,S,W. Long story short Butch left grandma's and in his own way of showing his affection and to say goodbye he walked into South Pass bank guns drawn and walk back out throwing coins to the children to go get candy from the Mercantile and he rode NE towards Buffalo she went on to tell us while Butch and Sundance was in Bolivia the area he described (nice try ain't giving that up easy) had burned up in a grass fire but to this day every year I set out in search of of the $55,000
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