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Bob Gray

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Anyone ever heard of a mining geologist associated with Victorio Peak, by the name of Bob Gray? possibly Robert?

I work with an 83 year old mining geologist. He was telling me how he doesn't believe in any of the lost treasure or mine stories, like the Lost Dutchman or the Lost Rhodes mines, except for 1 story he heard about a long time ago.

He said he moved to New Mexico in 1959, working for a mining company. Another geologist he worked with was named Bob Gray. After a year or so, Bob moved to a different area, and he didn't hear from him for a while, until he saw a newspaper article about a treasure on the White Sands Missile Range. The people looking for the gold, including Bob Gray, got into some trouble with the army. The news article mentioned all the stacks of gold bars they had claimed to find, that were taken by the Army. My co-worker thought this sounded unbelievable, so he called up his friend, Bob Gray.

According to my co-worker, Bob said that there were stacks and stacks of metal bars. He said they didn't look like pure gold, but had more of a silver color, as if they were mostly silver. He said they were chased off by the Army, and that the Army was taking all of the gold. After this, my co-worker was convinced. He trusted Bob, and believes the story was true. He then told me that 3-4 months or so later, Bob Gray was murdered.

I did find a mention of an 'R. B. Gray" , who visited the site in 1961.

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