Of course, Atantis Exists So do Other Cities (Underwater)

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Of course, Atantis Exists So do Other Cities (Underwater)

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:17 am

Folks, this is sooooo biblical:: In the first earth-age, cities were built ALL OVER the earth. Some on hills, some in valleys. When Father destroyed that age, He also changed the firmament that was our protective atmoshpere, and this firmament was high in the sky....and it was also water. When Father caused the firmament to come to earth (in one moment) it literally cleansed the earth (the surface), and then this firmament, this water, settled into the valleys, covering the citites that had been built in these low spots, and leaving those on high ground as ruins or close to. The pyramids in Egypt, with the top stucco still intact while everything below this top was washed away....it is believed that this is eveidnce of the first flood that wiped out that first earth age.

Does this sound strange to you?? Don't blame me, blame your Masonic/satanic Preacher from hell....Edomite trash as always.
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