Texas Beach Giant

They were here, but where did they come from, and who were they?

Texas Beach Giant

Post Number:#1  Postby Whyte Eagle » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:43 pm

Just happened to come across this article in my wanderings ... don't know anything about it, has anyone ever seen this before?

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Re: Texas Beach Giant

Post Number:#2  Postby Lostaslost » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:53 pm

Whyte this is interesting. Just a little note here. A good friend of mine would metal detect on the beach. This was basically at High Island. This lies inbetween Galveston and Sabin Pass. So he found while walking the beaches a mamoth bone. He noticed a hole in the bone that did not look natural. The hole had evidently been drilled. So looking at it he decided that this was a instrumenty that was a alignment tool. Look through the hole at at a grove and a point on the bone . He never figurted it all out but was sure of his idea.

Now whole doing some research and talking with the right people he was told that the Texas coast line used to be 100 miles out further than it is today. So this was the reason the bone was found washing in the tides. The mamouth was roaming further out on land that had finnally went under water. Possible this man skull could have actually been in anchiet times 100 miles furether inland than it is today if it is found in the same location as he was roaming.

Now for the people who want to talk of no global warming. I have wrote it in the past but the highway from Sabin Pass to High Island has went complety under water since I was a kid. Hell I have drove that highway before but today it is gone and will not ever be redone. A lot of that highway is now complety under water. And now there is streates of highway from High Island to Galveston that have median blocks up against the south side of the highway to keep the tides from washing over the highway. What a joke and people are still building cabins on this beach. Still in my life time I honestly believe that I will see the day when we can not drive this highwat to Galveston.


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