Giant Legbone Found in Solid Red Quartzie

They were here, but where did they come from, and who were they?

Giant Legbone Found in Solid Red Quartzie

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In July, 1877, four prospectors were looking for gold and silver outcroppings in the desolate hills near the head of Spring Valley, not far from Eureka, Nevada. Scanning the rocks, one of the men spotted something peculiar projecting from a high ledge. Climbing up to get a better look, the prospector was surprised to find a human leg-bone and knee cap sticking out of solid rock. He called to his companions, and together they dislodged the oddity with picks. Realizing they had a most unusual find, the men brought it into Eureka where it was placed on display.

The stone in which the bones were embedded was a hard, dark red quartzite, and the bones themselves were almost black with carbonization — indicative of great age. When the surrounding stone was carefully chipped away, the specimen was found to be composed of a leg bone broken off four inches above the knee, the knee cap and joint, the lower leg bones, and the complete bones of the foot. Several medical doctors examined the remains, and were convinced that anatomically they had indeed once belonged to a human being, and a very modem-looking one. But the most intriguing aspect of the bones was their size: From knee to heel they measured 39 inches. Their owner in life had thus stood over 12 feet tall.
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