Beware of Russia (Edom) They OWN the Secret Socieites

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Beware of Russia (Edom) They OWN the Secret Socieites

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:33 am

Esau, Jacobs older twin brother, was called "Edom", which means "red." Esau would go on to become Russia (Jacob would be called "Israel"). In short, long ago Esau went to Ishamel and took of the daughters of Ishmael. When the Church (controlled by Edomites...REDS) created Islam to kill all Christians and TrueJews, the chuirch went to the off-spring of Ishmael in their search for the "messiah" that would fullfill the religion created. They found Mohammed. Remember, Ishmael WAS the off-spring of Abraham.

Treasure hunting signs and symbols found in Maine can prove that the Edomites were here in America over 3,000 years ago. These people were all secret societies, having come form Iran, Iraq, egypt, etc. So, basically, the Spaniard, the Church (Missions) and ALL other gold anhd silver seekers who came tro America long before Columbus were doing so IN CONJUNCTION with the Aztecs, Cherokee's, Apache, etc. In other words, where the Native Americans (from the Middle East but now in America) left off in the accumulation of gold and silver, these "newer" groups (Spaniard, lying poreachers of the Edomites, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, you name them, they were ALL Edomites in search for treasure.

Edom has infiltrated the world through the secret societies that they created, then spread throughout the world, as is the case of America.In the secret societies, a Red Tie worn by a person signifies that that person is a high-ranking memebr of the Royal Arch (Freemasonry Red Lodge), but they can also wear Blue (Blue Lodge of Edomite satanic worship).

Just as Edom (Russia) has defeated and perverted Israel, Edom also defeated America a long time ago, so to hear about ANY interferemce by Russia in American POLITICS is.....NORMAL....RUSSIA RULES AMERICA.

It is being reported that Trump is still flying the locust army into America, at the rate of thousands a day And I have to admit that if I was receiving momnies from Russia to the tune of billions of dollars (Russia bailed out the Trymp Organized Crime Syndicate), that I, too, would refuse to take my measely 400,000 dollar a year job as an Edomite Puppet.

Russia created Islam. Russia created the secredt societies. Russia created Trump and EVERY OTHER POS President we've had.

Jesus called these punks "Hypocrites" which means "play-actors, and that's exactly what this scum is....ACTING like the wortlds falling apart so that they caqn implement the "final blow" too ALL Christians and True Jews living today.

Putin is a pedophile. Trump WAS an incestuous pedophile (Ivanka is STILL Trumps TRUE "wife"), but now Trumps just a pedophile (except when visiting Jeffrey Epstein's island off the Florida coast.).

Folks, the Edomites HATE the Children of Father. But don't worry, Father HATES them....and WE, as Christians and True Jews (caucasions) WIN!!!!!

This is why we are seeing the hatred agaianst the whites grow. It's because WE are the True Inheritors of the Earth, not the satanic Edomites like TRump and Putin. do "take-over" someone's inheritance?? You KILL THEM.
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