Wisconsin's Winnebago's: "People of the Sacred Language"

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Wisconsin's Winnebago's: "People of the Sacred Language"

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:16 am

So we've discussed how the Aztec history (verbal, handed down) only went back as far as Wisconsin (what is NOW Wisconsin). I've also written about how Wisconsins Geos are some of the most beautiful ever constructed. Same goes with surrounding States. But yesterday I stumbled upon some cool stuff in my meandering through the net.....and it all started with a story out of Nebraska...about how the local Ho-Chunk Tribe (Winnebago Tribe) wants to take over a thousand acres in northeast Nebraska.... I googled this land near the Missouri River.....att his location, Nebraska forms the top of the right-hand side of the BELL that runs the entire length of this State, and says "There's treasure rooms, in Nebraska (Iowa) all along this river." And the lands in question are chock-full of geos. And this makes total sense.......that the Winnebago would want these lands, after-all, their ancestors (FROM IRAN, IRAQ, TURKEY) are the ONE'S WHO PROTECTED these sites for Edom over 3500 years ago.

I researched the Winnebago Tribe. They, too, "originate" in Wisonsin.....just like the Aztecs. The two Tribes may have come here on the same ships!! But this fact that Wisconsin has another Tribe that "knows" the treasure codes is somewhat remarkable, but not unbelievable. So... one may ask.....how do we KNOW that the Winnebago Tribe KNOWS these forbidden codes??? The very name Winnebago means: "People of the Sacred Language." Language, back then, was knowledge....so you could say Winnebago means "People of the Sacred Knowledge." People of the Forbidden Knowledge. People of the knowledge of the geos.

I can see where the Tribes will ALL GET THEIR LANDS BACK. For Political Correctness alone....but think of it---------the indians AND the white-man were BOTH freemasons, and when America was "sold" to whitey, it was a scam from Edom to control this land. So this swindle called America has one-way to rectify the treatment of the Indians.....and that means giving them back their lands, which is already happening........and it will...again, be a BIG SWINDLE as one family member (Trump) gives these treasure lands BACK TO THE INDIANS, which means giving the lands/TREASURES/RESOURCES BACK TO EDOM....AGAIN.(not that edom ever lost them. edom likes to "re-shuffle" when the sheep begin to awaken)

To think that the Winnebago have forgotten the secret (sacred) knowledge is.....well.....stoopid. You see, the Winnebago's were Sentinels then, and they're Sentinels NOW....and Trump is also a Sentinel...can you see where this is going???

It's not so much that the Winnebago Tribe in Nebraska WANTS these lands (as in ownership), it's just that this is the Edomite plan.
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