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More Mesquite

Post Number:#76  Postby Softy » Mon Feb 13, 2006 8:12 am

Hi 10x and Cive,

10X -wasn't that oak island? the 10X.

Ash Canyon, Wild horse, LongBottom, north of there
much big Mesquite up to Palomas. Fun to try to drive
through. no roads. wonder if they had oxen there?

That's neat where the Holden Ranch was. And the rest
of the story. Still got to wonder with so many looking
for so long.... it got found, or never was there.

Or maybe they just didn't look in the right place.

Anyway, don't know where willies stuff is.

10 - 15 miles on a horse in a day for me on that terrain. long ways, lot of ground even round trip.

Oh and as fer as getting followed. he he,,,, maybe someone could go up, and then second party follow
the followers. And someone bring some cigerettes.

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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#77  Postby 10x » Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:16 am

The whole mess is complicated. If one goes by the original story, there is more gold there than the mint or fort knox ever had. LOL.

There is a type writen story floting around that is suposedly form busters dad after buster failed to show the gold. It goes that the first day WD was on foot. When getting back late in the evening he asked for a horse a pistol, a saw,and some ceyanne pepper. He Got a Pistol with no bullets, a can of black pepper, a file and hamer, and had to go to the store for bullets.

When returned he had the bar, and upon examination on shot had been fired from the pistol.

Thus enter a anoughter person that suposedly disapeared by the last name of Reynolds.

It is belived that WD shot the Reynolds kid, and that is how he gained the maps or knowledge of were the gold was.

The Renolds kid story can from I belive the old lady Perone. This is one of the folks around Doc Noss in the T or C area in the mid to late thirtys.

Amusingly enough this variation seems to be the most widly belived version, and the most amusing due to the fact that the travel on foot minimizes the area traveld. This realy cuts out most places folks look for the gold.
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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#78  Postby civengr » Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:34 pm

hey 10x, how is the weather there? as far as the reynolds kid goes, is there any documentation that the reynolds kid existed and just disappeared? now then, the black pepper, was that to get something out of a hole or to keep something from going back in a hole once it left? maybe to mask a trail? seems reasonable to me that if someone had a revolver and fired a shot and still had a box of bullets they would replace the spent cartridge, especially in that area, don't you think?

the saga continues.
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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#79  Postby 10x » Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:21 pm

Pepper was most likly to confuse dogs. One shot on an unkown pistol or gun would be normal to see were it hits.
As for the Reynolds boy I have no proof as of yet of existance other than storys.
Getting some wind, otherwise good weather here.
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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#80  Postby civengr » Thu Feb 16, 2006 11:54 am

if willy actually got the map at the fort where he said he did then it is possible that the reynolds boy was from there. there is a listing of some reynolds in that counties census for that time period which are about the same age is milton at the time he met willie.
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I'm getting wind too.

Post Number:#81  Postby Softy » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:23 am

Hi 10x and Civ,

Interesting story, 10X , had not heard that one. But I haven't persued the Willie deal much either. Still with so many looking in the Granite Springs area we'll call it, over so much time, seems like it would be found by now,

assuming Willie didn't have a lot of time on foot or horse to be reburying a hole very deep, or very well.

now if the other stories are not correct, and say this one is, then perhaps the location of the hole is also not correct.

I have been in the area many times in the past, only once did I meet anyone armed. that was during the ~mining deal~ in Burbank. he was standing by the road.

might have been watched, who knows, but really didn't see anyone much the times there. Nice steep climbs up into that one. either one.

The amount of gold is interesting, seems these remote caves/hole/cracks/whatever fill up with gold over time.

Is that how interest works?

good post 10X,

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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#82  Postby 10x » Fri Feb 17, 2006 10:55 am

Quote:Is that how interest works?

LOL something like that.

Well It is such that WD had to know where he was going and the start point of the hunt. So far as I can tell, no one else has. Amusingly enough folks always think twords the mountain when it could have been away from it. Who knows.

One would think it has been found. If one whent by the rumors of all the gold removed every year, It must grow there. LOL

Also if all that is rumored to have been taken out gold would be about .30 pound. LOL
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willie rock

Post Number:#83  Postby Roger Snow » Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:35 am

Simply, a date at high noon reveals a shadow symbol

that is what the document shows
it is what the sun sign on the rock means

this treasure willie found was from the 1730's

Reynolds found the Chart in an adobe wall, beneath a window seal he had pulled loose to use for fire wood

he befriended Willie and invited him along for the hunt

The CHART, not MAP, had been left there at the Adobe after That adobe had been abandoned,,,,,
the Adobe was being used as a base for a former hunt
By a searcher who had come there seeking the treasure and was killed, because he was thought to be attempting to rustle cattle.
He was a Priest from Mexico, who was run out of Mexico during the Revolution.
He brought the chart from his Monastary
and tried his luck at finding the treasure.

As I have said so many times before, the Government has extensive files on this.
they are calssified.

Willie exscaped a MURDER charge
in exchange for the TREASURE.

~In one of the Brokened places~

What that means is there is a CRACK in a WALL

not visible from anywhere in the canyons or ridges.

Forget about it though
The Government got it back in the 1930's and blew the damned thing off the wall of the Canyon.

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Re: Throw away the TH mags

Post Number:#84  Postby 10x » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:00 pm

High Roger how are you doing.
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Post Number:#85  Postby Roger Snow » Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:43 am

Sorry about that kiddies

One Correction, it came back to me after I had posted

The Priest who left the CHART in the window seal was not the same man who had been killed as a suspected rustler.

That Priest had died inside the CAVERN,

By the time Willie and Rynolds found him
He was just some bones.

To Make a sure point: Willies Cavern and the Cabballo Range are ~NOT~ a Part of the Pedro Navarez CHART and letter.

In the 1640's, the scattered mountains of southern New Mexico were all refered to as Cabballo Mountains.

Everything Pedro wrote of was on both the East Side and the West side of the Organ Mountains with several sites inside Soledad and a couple other interior Canyons.

I just recently photograph Pedros initials carved in rock here in the Organs.

My Anscestor George Rasione used a Camp that is writtened about in Pedro's letter.

Pedro had camps in the following area's of the Organ Mountains.

1. Soledad Canyon, at the east mouth, which he refered to as the East Pass, at a spring on the south side of Soledad peak.

2. A spring that is today refered to as PINE SPRING in Rucker Canyon, there in that vicinity can be found the Mine refered to as Padre Jorge's Mine.
The Tailings of which are still very rich.

A stone corral still in extent can be found a mile east of Soledad Peak in the Flat of the Desert, this was also used by Pedro and friends, but Dates WAAAAAAY back past pedro.

Near the Conjuction of Dorsey Canyon and Soledad Canyon there was a Cave in a small hill in the bottom of Soledad Canyon, that was one of the Caches fill with bars and other artifacts.
It has now been raided by Military and the Cave and Half the hill are blown away.
Visible above that on the south wall of the Canyon, were the ancient silver mines.
They too are blown off the face of the peak.

Coming through Soledad to the west pass out of the Canyon and into Bar Canyon, take a right turn at Chiminy Rock, follow the ridge and then skirt the north face of a rock outcropping at the head of Bar Canyon, and there you can see the waterfall and spring he speaks of.

It is below a heart shaped formation with several carvings on the face of the bluff.
From that basin, a long veiw of the Vally below can be taken in, also from that small basin, it is possible to retreat through several high small passes into various other Canyons, one pass will lead you over the ridge and from there you can drop out into any one of several canyons and out the east side.

Come over the north wall of Bar and your are at dripping springs, here on both sides of the mouth of Ice Canyon can be found where more treasure was taken, the caves are visible on both bluffs at their base's.
One on each side, read in Pedro's letter about returning to the spring and climbing the mountain on the right or left.

Above that site and to the North, in a peak our family refered to as Camel peak, will be found a couple of covered mines.

From there, head west and then north
Turn east into Filmore
go to the spring
This was a camp of Pedros as well

Now, walk straight west out of Filmore
and a few hundred yards out of the Canyon will be found a Knights Templar Deposit beneath a Large Boulder with a bright green tree growing on it's west side
135 yards south of the Modoc mine road, from the green gate at the large boulders.

From that Boulder, turn North, follow the trail that is marked by small rocks set atop boulders of various sizes, as you reach one, climb on the boulder and in the distance about 80 yards or so, you will see the next
Follow these to Middle spring, there is a deposit close by.
look north
and follow the markers to a HUGH boulder the size of a two car Garage.

This boulder will have a Map painted on it.
west by north west of this boulder is the Padre La Rue Rock, the Nrth spring of the west side, and a stone mining Cabin on the empire mine road.

Straight east of this is a cave at the base of a Phalic column on a bluff
The Cave is on the north side of the bluff
This cave too was a deposit
Now empty.

The Canyon that runs east from a little north of that bluff
go up it to the east, up inside that canyon, on the west face of a southwest facing bluff is the silver vien
my dad cut silver out with an Ax.
written about in the Pedro Navarez letter.

Hi 10 x

I am fine

does any of this help you unravel the mystery?
Check the papers of 1919
during the intense fighting of the Mexican Revolution
Look for a story about Refugee priest fleeing Mexico for the U.S.

Something to do is'nt it?

You may find what I refer to above.

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Re: Caballo New Mexico Drolte's hole

Post Number:#86  Postby Terry L Carter » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:00 pm

Willie Drolte

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Re: Caballo New Mexico Drolte's hole

Post Number:#87  Postby autofull » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:16 pm

everything in and around the bat cave and cable canyon points to guano extraction. i was there in 73 and thats what i thought they were up to. maybe a cover operation for other activities someone had going. guano extraction was very profitable at a certain point in history. i have seen pictures from the late 40,s thru the late 60,s that cover this same activity being in operation at other locations. long cable extraction lines running to hard to reach cave openings with huge pulleys and generators to power them. people died and suffered serious burns from the guano and ammonia fumes. walk into a huge chicken coop sometime, whew, bad stuff. {:}
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Re: Caballo New Mexico Drolte's hole

Post Number:#88  Postby sanpete » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:46 am

autofull--------Welcome aboard
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Re: Caballo New Mexico Drolte's hole

Post Number:#89  Postby autofull » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:19 pm

why thank you sanpete. kevin.
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