Hampton House Buried Treasure

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Hampton House Buried Treasure

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There is little question that there are many treasure sites to be found in South Carolina, similar to the one found by Archibald Rutledge at Hampton House, the ancestral home of the Rutledge family situated in the coastal country about 40 miles northeast of Charleston. This old house was reopened by Rutledge in 1937, and in the course of gardening, he dug up many articles including 36 rare Delft tiles, 2,000 antique bottles, endless quaint brassowrk, some Spanish silver coins, buttons, medals and other items.

While restoring the house, he discovered a secret closet which had been papered over. Curious, he gained entrance into the closet through the basement, finding nothing more than a small box. In the box was a folded paper which proved to be a map, on which there was a drawing of a shovel, the picture of a cross and the likeness of a box which appeared to be a treasure chest.

After more than two years of constant searching, Rutledge found a treasure of coins buried in the yard. However, this was concealed in a crock, and Rutledge believed that he had not yet found the main hoard, which is presumably buried in a chest.

This is what Archibald Rutledge, author of many books and magazine articles wrote:

It is not difficult to guess how the crock came to be buried. My grandfather lived here on this plantation, a widower and very much alone, throughout the Civil War, as my own father was with Lee in Virginia. During the war my coastal country was full of rumors of raiders; in fact raiders did visit nearby. What would have been more natural than for my grandfather to gather up what money happened to be on hand, together with the few gold pieces that may have been family treasures and bury them in the back yard? I believe that hundreds of similar cases occurred. In some instances, the treasure thus concealed, were later recovered; but much of it, I believe, remains buried to this day.

No record of the chest has ever been located.

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Re: Hampton House Buried Treasure

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Is the crock still there?
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