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Missed Symbols

Post Number:#1  Postby ConfederateMule » Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:13 pm

Hey folks.... The last 25 years or so my main hobby has been genealogy, but I'm a bit of an amateur Civil War and Revolutionary War historian. (I use the term loosely..) I've come across the term KGC numerous times in my personal research, but generally dismissed it as myth or "conspiracy theory." I've been a collector of Native American artifacts since the mid '80's as well. It's only been recently that I've taken a close look at the KGC with an open mind, and I'm certainly convinced now that the KGC has been casually overlooked or blatantly ignored by modern historians. My point is that I think that I have missed obvious signs, possible KGC signs, while trekking in the backwoods of Arkansas, looking for arrowheads and other artifacts. Over the past 3 months I've been trying to familiarize myself with the Knights of the Golden Circle, and their place in history. While I have never come across any "turkey tracks" or "JJ", or markings of that type, I have noted bent and grafted trees, found axeheads purposely placed in the forks of trees, and even a horse shoe turned sideways to make a backwards "C"...the tree having grown around the horseshoe. This wasn't in the Ozark or Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, but in between, in Saline county, Ar., not far from the city of Benton.

So far I haven't read anything about these particular signs. The worst part of this is that I'm not sure if I could even remember how to get back to the exact locations of some of these artifacts or "signs." Due to poor health right now it's impossible for me to search at this time, but I haven't given up on at least trying later. Has anyone else found anything like this in your hunting ?

Many thanks.... Alot of great forums for me to catch up with on here...
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Re: Missed Symbols

Post Number:#2  Postby Lostaslost » Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:55 pm

Mule I am going to take it that you do watch the History Channel. I do know they do at least one program in which they talk about Jesie James. Everyone knows he was most definitly a confederate. Now I was born and raised in Texas and moved out of that area back in 78. I still return each and every year to visit with family during the summer.

My great great grand father was actually in the Cival War and he died in Arkansaw. I have often wondered about his venture there. Where my dad is buried there is a headstone that was placed there by the Texas historical foundation. Naturally it is just a headstoone and his body lies somewhere in the area of Fort Smith Arkansaw. We actually have three leters from him while he was in Arkansaw before he died there. One is from the high command at Fort Smith after he had died.

Now when reading Cival War books it says that Jesie James and or the Confederates would sometimes migrate out of Kansas and Missouri to Arkansaw for warmer weather. I often wondered if my great grandfather had been in camps with Jesie James. now Jesi if he had actualy ben there then he may have very well returned. Could have happened. As the stories go he stayed in Missouri I think for the most part. Then supposedly when he did move out he supposedly went to Tenn. and or Oklahoma and then also into Texas. It just all depends on who is telling the story. I am certainly one fool who believes that Jesie did live on and he was not shot by his own cousins Bob and Charlie Ford.

You ought to be able to do some kind of checking on your subject. The Masons are all over this nation and I would firt check out and try to contact a Mason organinzation in your area. Carry some pictures with you of the signs and symbols you are finding and ask who knows anything about these signs and symbols.

Take care and always believe that God is looking over you and you are living because he has a reason for you to live.

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