Lincoln, the Civil War and the American Civil

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Lincoln, the Civil War and the American Civil

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Translated by Google from the Italian PREVIEW for Independence
June 5, 2013

Lincoln, the Civil War and the American Civil, speaks Thomas DiLorenzo

TDB : Here's a question a bit 'more difficult to answer background speculative. It 'possible that Jefferson Davis had a relationship with British monetary power?

It stands out a salient fact: Davis has served as Secretary of War President Franklin Pierce and although Pierce was an ardent supporter of the right of the Member States, has also been widely reported that he had relations with a powerful secret society of the United States, the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Can you explain who were the Knights of the Golden Circle and what was their agenda?

We've written about this issue here: James Thomas DiLorenzo on Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Authoritarianism and Manipulated History . Below is a brief description from a book on the Knights titled "The Mysterious and Secret Order of the Knights of the Golden Circle" :

Few people know of the Knights of the Golden Circle and even fewer know the purpose for which they existed. It is probably the greatest story ever told to date in the history of the United States. (...) It 'been said of them that they were one of the most deadly organizations, richest, most secret and subversive and groundwater in the history of the world. (...) The group was very ritualistic, most of which were borrowed from the Masonic lodge and later by the Knights of Pythias. Some of them were also members of the Rosicrucians' . For what purpose Jefferson Davis became involved with the Knights? He had fallen into a trap? He participated voluntarily? He was a scapegoat.

DiLorenzo : I have no idea. How could anyone know something about it if it was a "secret" society as you say?.

Jefferson Davis was a brilliant and highly educated man who spent a long career in national politics and has written a great book, "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government". And unimaginable for any American politician to him after having been able to write an essay so incredibly insightful and truly educational. This is not the kind of man who could easily have been deceived by a local Masonic lodge.
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