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Re: KGC Lecture by Floyd Mann

Post Number:#1  Postby Terry L Carter » Wed May 06, 2015 10:27 pm

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Re: KGC Lecture by Floyd Mann

Post Number:#2  Postby Terry L Carter » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:39 pm

World famous treasure hunter Floyd Mann shares with the AHRF his insights on a billion dollars worth of treasure that was scattered across the United States by A secret organization called the Knight Of The Golden Circle or KGC for short. This group of confederate sympathizers refused to accept the terms of the surrender and started making plans for the south to rise again. But they needed a great amount of money to support a 2nd civil war. So they started collecting, robbing and stealing money, gold, silver, jewelry, arms and ammunition. They buried it around the country in old mining tunnels, pits and holes that they dug. They assigned armed sentries to protect this loot from being found. But by the time they had amassed enough fortune and supplies to fund their second civil war, World War One broke out an ended their plans by uniting the country. Also, most of the KGC had died off by then anyway. But the treasures they buried, which some have estimated to be worth billions if not trillions of dollars, is the stuff that dreams are made of to treasure hunters. Floyd shares some clues as to where to look, what to look for and where to go to get more information. This was presented at our 2005 symposium and Floyd was not given enought time to go every thing he wanted to share with us. If enough people are interested we can try and get him to speak to us again where we can give him enough time to share it all. The AHRF thanks Floyd for taking the time to talk to us.
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Re: KGC Lecture by Floyd Mann

Post Number:#3  Postby Floyd Mann » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:06 pm

Thanks TERRY---for posting this !! 10 years ago I was still wearing those coke-bottle eyeglasses ! What a NERD !! Ha Ha !! KGC is STILL my Favorite topic !
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Re: KGC Lecture by Floyd Mann

Post Number:#4  Postby Jacobs troubles » Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:25 pm

i for one would love to hear what Mr. Mann has to share.
I have been trying to flee from all the unknowns of history
for more than 25 yrs. Especially concerning anything the
James-Younger gang were associated with including but not
limited to the kgc. I figured 25 yrs ago if it was true and the
ole outlaws went to such extensive measures to conceal
things how would we ever get to the bottom of any of it.?.?

To make a long story short leaving out some very amazing
supernatural details. Info has been literally falling into my
lap. My wife and I have moved from TX to KS to OK to NC
to SC to MT the last 10 yrs. Everywhere I have gone new additional
info finds me. I really have seen it as an imposition and have wanted
nothing to do with it.
A year ago I met an extremely interesting ole fella who con-
firmed a theory with a really old book. Then my wife got real
sick and I had to take FMLA in order to care for her and our
children. Anyhow with no money saved, I wasn't sure how we'd
survive while getting her better. All esteem to the MostHigh for
providing a way and causing me to be Stilled, so I could pay
attention. Lol
All that lack of details puts me here. I finally have a much better
picture of those days and men/women of long ago. No where
complete but less veiled and have come to the conclusion that I
need to focus a little more attention to these things that seem to
follow me around.
Not to mention I had a dream telling me I needed to speak to a man.
Ok one of those strange kinda whatever dream. With that vague
directive. Then a few nights ago as I was feeling compelled to seek
out info, I am made aware of Mr. Floyd Mann. He might very well be
the man I need to speak with. Lol life is strange.
To me the treasure is the true history of it all. The real picture. Not
what the establishment wants us to believe or what has been altered by
the temporary winners, but the truth.
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