The Brewer legacy

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The Brewer legacy

Post Number:#1  Postby cosmowolff » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:20 pm

Well, well my old friend Bob Brewer has risen out of the ashes like the Phoenix of old to start to divulge the secrets of the KGC. Im really glad to see it Bob as the last time I heard from you, you chided me about giving out to much information publicly and proclaimed that you personally would take it all to the grave with you.
What happened Bob? Did you have an epiphany? Did the clouds open up and a dark angel strike at you and make you change your mind somehow?
Or do you just want some glory and recognition?

Oh Bob, what a guy.
Let me address a few things that you mentioned in your new Blog referring to me and what I might have posted.
I know a lot more about the Fort Tejon depository than I ever divulged to you.
You know that you were one of the few people that I gave copies of those KGC
(Dalton/Houk) maps to and if I remember right you gave me your word that you would never share those without my explicit permission.
But now alas I see them all over the internet.
The Ft. Tejon depository NEAR the old 300,000 acre Beale Ranch is very much still in place. It is also the location of the original rumor of the lost Spanish or padre mine in the same general vicinity. But you knew that Im sure as we discussed that at one time in an old trailer somewhere in the mountains of Arkansas.
The Beale families were old world KGC and Confederate operatives for many generations, and it was passed down from father to son and were extremely active before, during and after the civil war.
I know you also know that there was once a little known Spanish outpost in Texas that was also known as Fort Tejon and there is KGC depository associated with that place also, but thats really not important right now. If your referring to the Jefferson Davis Treasure in Texas buried inside the carved out cypress logs, buried and covered by a lake then that is something entirely different.
Didnt I give you that map too? Boy your good.
But lets get back to the KGC chart that you HAVE, that gives you the location to the old Grapevine Canyon. The old KGC sentinel there was named Black Bob and if you know anything about KGC codes then you would know that this site uses the Cold Springs Tombstone Code, which of course you never founding the cemetery down in old Cuddy Canyon. The key clue of course is located in the vicinity of SALT CREEK, some distance from Ft. Tejon. Unfortunately the treasure itself is located inside the National Forest Boundary like most KGC depositories and treasures. A great protection measure.
I though I might also tell you that I am very familiar with the Hi Jolly monument in Quartzite and what is its true purpose., which has very little to do with a monument to one of several camel jockeys hired as camel tenders. By the way, the monument itself is a map, how its facing and the so called pipe is also much more than a pipe.
I wont get into it as this area has taken on a new significance.
You should know more than anyone that I know what I am talking about. I dont have to prove my expertise but most of all I dont have to sell any future books filled with information that I have gathered from other people research and data bases.
Shame on you BOB.
Many,many years ago when I first got into treasure hunting reseach, I was priviledged to meet a very famous treasure hunter in Amador, Calif. His name was Frank Fish and he found more treasure with a WW two
mine detector than anybody since with all the modern mavels that we have today.
As he told me once, listen close my boy, if a man really knows where treasure is hidden, he don't need to write books about it, he just needs to go get his shovel and dig it up. You just need someone to watch your back.
Chose that person carefully.
Hollow words from a great treasure hunter and a fine man who got shot in the back of the head with his own double barrel shot gun inside his own home.
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Post Number:#2  Postby BoatTow » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:22 pm

Are you saying that the depositories that are on national land is the KGC's idea? It kind of reads that way in your post. I always thought the government grabbed it as that was the way the Government layed claim to it. Or is that what you mean, that the government protects it that way? Tell more if you don't mind.
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Re: The Brewer legacy

Post Number:#3  Postby cosmowolff » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:23 pm

In a lot of cases, I really do beleive that.
But not in all.
People might say, why would the U.S. Goverment just leave money in the ground and just prevent people from digging it up.
Well, I think our government learned a valuable lesson at
the national Fort Knoxx Depository, that rumor has it only contains the current US production of Gold and Silver.
That is why we have what is known as a FIAT currency today.
The current U.S. currency has no substancial real value or gold and silver backing it up. It is only a paper currency and is supported by the national economic structure and our industrial base, nothing more. No gold and no silver.
When is the last time you ever seen a silver certificate?
Not likely, as you would be able to redeem it for real silver.
Only collectors items today my friend.
Why, because thru the treachery of the privatly owned Federal Reseve Bank, our nations wealth (Gold & Silver) has been hauled out of this county to a small little town in Switzerland, called Basil.
This is the base of the famous NOMES.
Our national debit has been accumulating interest since Abraham Linclon was President and is never been paid down one cent.
What good would it do if the US government spent loads of money extracting and removing the depositories and do what with it?
Kindly ship it all over the Basil, to pay down our national debit.
I don't think so.
There is always a chance that world events will change in the future and the powers that be could possibly change at some point.
So the U.S. Government as well as the Internationalist all know that the money exists. After all it was all removed, mined and extracted from the national mines over the years.
What could be a good plan to protect it.
Easy throw a fence up around the hugh area, give it a national designation, have the U.S. forest service protect it and let it stay until needed.
I don;t know if I told this story but just recently in the California desert on the way to Vegas, was a very famous dead volcano crater. Unknown to a lot of people was the fact that inside the crater bottom the KGC had stashed, located and moved a very large gold shipment from a old mine in Death Valley it controlled and hid it well in a tunnel under the crater floor.
Well, some time in the past few years a mining company claimed that there was substancial amount of gold and silver contained inside the old lava inside the crater and contracted to haul out the lava and process it for its preasious metal value. Which it proceeded to do. One day a hermit TR friend of mine that lived near the site called me and said that after months of truckload after truckload leaving the site, a hugh group of multi blade helicopters landed inside the crater and he went to investigate only to find it well secured and guarded by some men with heavy foreign accents.
He said I don;t know what they were doing there but that day they loaded and hauled something out of that place by helicopters. The site was abandoned within a few days.
If its protected, why not leave it until you need it, then go get it.
My great grandfather after the depression built a religous monument in his back yard. He was alway digging and building fountains and planting flowers but little did any of us know that what he was doing was maintaining his post depression POSTHOLE BANK in his back yard.
Another secret treasure tale?
Who knows?

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Re: The Brewer legacy

Post Number:#4  Postby Tammahawk » Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:29 pm

I have to agree with cosmo on this, and its pretty smart actually, as to any smart king or president would you keep all your eggs in one spot?, I think not , like in the old days the king would be an idiot to keep all his gold in the castle, it gets sacked and poof all gone, so the smart thing to do is spread it out ,cache it death trap it and mark it in code , so if someone gets past the death traps you only lose one cache and have countless others, also convienient that a lot of these sites show up on government land, parks, blm land, state forest, ect ect. and since most of our presidents are members of the initiate family in some way or another thats probably why they are in these government lands, templar kgc illuminaty ect ect all the same family, these sites are not just here but all over the world, kings presidents ect ect all FAMily, and notice any president who endorsed silver certificate was assasinated hmmm, think about that. this group has been prepairing for a very long time for something what I dunno, but this has gone on for 1000's of years kgc is just one of their newer names, just call them initiates and you are much closer to the truth, I have some masonic ifo straight from a lodge website saying how they must get gold and follow the instructions of the ancient pioneers of masonry, when i find it I will post it, I have tons of research so things take a lil bit to find, but this one was recent so shouldnt take long to find, but this info is straight from a lodge website so ya just gotta say hmmm
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