Came across these new rock maps at Pirate Site in Maine

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Came across these new rock maps at Pirate Site in Maine

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:10 am

These pirate treasure rooms in Maine have taught me a few things, at least when it comes to rock maps. The Pirates and the DUCK symbol go hand-in-hand. There seems to ALWAYS be two burial sites at every pirate site, one is the treasure at the Alpha, the other is a treasure at step 6-8.

A strange thing happened. We found a large rock map in a swampy area, this rock map was only noticed because the tree growing literally over it, was blown over by the wind, exposing this beautiful map. After removing the large rock map, something I've never seen before happened: there were more rock maps UNDER the main rock map. Two of the rock maps found I had never seen before, one was a dead Duck, the other was a rock map talking about an island on the Androscoggin River, and, again, I've never seen these before.

The dead DUCK was a rock shaped just like a duck decoy, but the head of the duck, and the neck, are lying flat on the ducks back, the underside of the throat exposed.
Turns out this dead duck was telling you that the treasure at step 6,8 (the second treasure room on a duck site) IS DEAD.....IT DOESN'T EXIST. In stead, you are given the direction to another DUCK trail that uses a separate Alpha Island.

I say steps 6,8 because that's exactly what it is. The 6 is for the 6th step (where most treasures are buried) and the 8 is the letter H, a tunnel symbol. Put the two together and you get,,,,step 6 is is where the tunnel is at. You basically measure past the 6th step (you go from step 5 to step 7 and then come back to the 6th step, which is the 8th step by now, so you get 6,8. The measurement from step 5 to step 7, in this case is a couple of hundred feet, now divide the measurement between 5 and 7 in half, measure that one-half distance and did for the tunnel information rock (not all duck sites are set up this way). So, you measure 5 to 7, divide to find the 6th step you passed over to get to 7, but now the 6th step is actually the 8th and......can you keep up??
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