The Map to Treasure Known As The State of Nebraska

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The Map to Treasure Known As The State of Nebraska

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:03 am

OK, I wrote about this the eastern border of Nebraska (with Iowa) is shped like the right-hand side of a BELL, which is an important treasure room symbol. Today I found out why the BELL exists on this border......the Missouri River is LOADED with treasure site after treasure site, and this is why Nebraks has the BELL incorporated into it's eastern border (State Boundry).

As you scan this boundry, using google street, all the islands are in play in one way or another, with treasure, guiding to treasure. Some treasures are on the Iowa side, others on the Husker side.

Also, the Middle Loup River, and the Dismal River, are MAJOR sites for treasure rooms. Scan back (from the earth) and use the "Effigy reading", and you can't go wrong. Some treasures are on the river bank, other have signs along the river but point to the treasure in the middle of some guys field. One Effigy of the Owl of Minerva had been plowed over, probably hundre4ds of times throughout time, yet the Owl is clearly there because the spot chosen for this signs was a "chimney" of different color earth (different from the earth color in that COUNTY), so the colr of this chimney alone grabbed my eye...close-up proved it to be the OWL, indicating a treasure.

I spent about an hour or so on google street, and I wrote down the locations to 17 locations, but there are just so many that you get tired of even looking anymore.......
NO PROBLEM....take a break from Nebraska and buzz-over to the Aluetian Chain of islands (Alaska) where, again, you'll ge tired logging in all of them.

Get tired of that, go to Edomiteland (Russia). HoooooLLLyyyyyy!!!!!!!
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