Solomon's Library (possible map for?)

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Solomon's Library (possible map for?)

Post Number:#1  Postby paperclip » Sat May 02, 2015 6:08 am

A while back while attending a business meeting which was outlining what had gone wrong with a start-up, I was thinking "Money is nice, but there is the Biblical saying that Wisdom is better." This got me daydreaming a bit (dangerous, I know) and wondering if Solomon had left behind more of his writings, possibly in a depository like the Dead Sea Scrolls. I then remembered that the Song of Solomon, which some scholars are reluctant to attribute to him because of its possible Babylonian origin, mentions actual historical locations which can still be mapped. (For example, "My love is like a lily among thorns" -- there is a "Valley of Thorns" in the area I searched, and another erotic reference to frankincense which led me to an area called "White Hill" -- Frankincense resin being processed in the area and having a whitish color from the method used...

So what does it mean? I started considering that the very nature of "Song of Solomon" was in a way to mark out how much land the King owned, and the boundaries of that turf. As such, there might have been glyphs along the treasure trail saying "mine!" (Pun intended) -- but a real tasty prize would be finding something with an actual Solomanic seal, and comparing it to what other people have uncovered. After that, it would be deciding if a scroll depository was at the end of the trail, or perhaps somehow located in the intersecting crosshairs.

Just thinking aloud to revive the subject of Solomon's wealth. :geek:
Hmmm . . . Will St. Anthony help?
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Re: Solomon's Library (possible map for?)

Post Number:#2  Postby KsTHer » Mon May 04, 2015 11:00 pm

Perhaps we have already seen King Solomon's Seal right here on this forum...
(just hypothesizing out loud) and to think it was just that... a lily!

:zap: Well at least it has a lily on it. :thud:
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