Using Google to Search Superstition Mountians

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Using Google to Search Superstition Mountians

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:25 am

Yes sir, saves a lot of gas money, food money, name it. The Owls of MInerva are in these mountains, and they point you to the exact spot, and i guarantee you can't probably do that because your ability at decipering signs sucks. However, as long as you can spot the owl on google NO MATTER WHERE IN THE WORLD you casn find, AND PINPOINT, treasure rooms.

This owl of minerva is a satanic symbol which comes from the Edomites. The BELL symbol is a symbol of Baal, or Satan (do your research), so when a BELL is found, it ALSO means that "this treasure belongs to satan." So, if you're a Christian, maybe that's why Father won't let you be successsful in treasure hunting. Or, you could just do what one Freemasonic trash did....just call yourself the World's Greatest Treasure Hunter even though you don't know anything about this topic, and have never contributed ANYTHING to the discussion. Anyway, enough of this loser and his Deleted by admin. wife.

As you scan the Superswtition Mountains, look for Hieroglyph Canyon. I know there's dozens of sites that you'll find, but this Canyon actually tells you a story. It tells us that the government knows exactly who put these rock writings in this Canyon....they even named it after the Egyptian rock writing (Hieroglyphs) and not after Native American rock writings (Petroglyph's). And, don't forget these geoglyphs of the owl of minerva that helps you to pinpoint site after site....thousands of them around the world.

The geoglyph's in the Superstitions are the same as the geo's in Africa, Alaska, Siberia, Rome,............

Yes sir, American History is out there.....but "they" aren't gonna tell you the truth about it. So, they see people like me who have been givien the TRUTH, and they kill them (or try to). But, the Power of Father is greater than the power of satan. You can also sense the difference between Father's Children and satan's children.

Father's children don't try to live themseles up with phony monikers. Father's Children try to HELP people, while satans children fool you into thinking that they are helping you. Father's Children are happy to help by using the TRUTH, while satan;s children try to fool you with "tittles" like "The World's Greatest Treasure Hunter" even though that person couldn't tell you the difference between an Alpha and an Omega.

As for me, ALL of which I have "given for free" to the treasure hunter, I did so for one main reason:I told my Father that if He gave the knowledge, that I'd give it away for free to ALL treasure hunters.....and that's exactly what I've done for over 20 years. If you want to give me a moniker, make it this one: "Slayer of the Liars."
I chose this one because "The World's Greatest Treasure HUnter" was already taken by someone whose title should be: "GAOTU's Knowledgeless Wonder."
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