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Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#1  Postby Randy Bradford » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:16 pm

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself reflecting and writing about my friend Shawn Davies, also known as Whyte Eagle. I knew him as Whyte Eagle long before I knew Shawn was his name, as is often the case with monikers from forums, it’s something that has stuck with me so I refer to him as such with no disrespect intended.

The first time I met Whyte Eagle would have been 200 or 2001, not long after I started the Treasures of Utah forum. We met at a small gathering of forum members who were meeting to go see the Dry Fork Sun Face, seems to me we all met up as a JBs over in Spanish Fork or close by. My very first meeting with Whyte Eagle was him explaining that he was starting a forum, similar to my own, and we discussed the endeavor at length. Details are sketchy, that was 15 years ago, but overall I felt like the meeting was his way of letting me know he didn’t want to intrude or step on any toes and in many respects that day shaped how I would see Whyte Eagle throughout my life. He was direct, compassionate, respectful, sensitive, logical and considerate. Nothing in my 15 years of knowing Whyte Eagle ever gave me any reason to suspect any aspect of my initial assessment had been incorrect. The fact that my first meeting with him stands out at all speaks volumes about his character, particularly as he explained his intentions. It would have been easy to feel defensive or intruded upon, but really Whyte Eagle made it clear he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers (pun intended) and hoped the two forums could exist with a common purpose and no hard feelings. I can only speak for myself, but hard feelings towards Whyte Eagle are something I simply cannot imagine.

Whyte Eagle and I shared ideas and comments on our mutual forums and by phone when necessary. Perhaps my fondest memory of Whyte Eagle from this period was the Dry Fork Campout. This is a great bunch of memories, but wonderful and sad, because this it would be the few times I would visit with Paul Tabbee and Richard Scott (Rich TX). This event was for me most noteworthy because Whyte Eagle was my ride there and we had a good time driving up and chatting. It was a good time and I learned a lot more about Whyte Eagle than I had previously known. I learned firsthand though, that Whyte Eagle was someone who thought before he spoke, seldom spoke badly about anyone, was reticent to share too much without properly vetting them, and even then only shared what he was at liberty to share. Whyte Eagle proved himself to be someone of uncommon character and a loyal and kind person as well. These were traits that echoed in every interaction I ever had with him and his tenor and tone in a conversation said as much as any word that came from his mouth. If I had a regret, it’s that I didn’t take note or record this conversation because I have no doubt the things he said that day were as worthwhile as anything anyone has printed on mines or treasure sin Utah in the past 50 years.

Whyte Eagle posted less on the Treasures of Utah over time, which was a setback for the forum but an understandable one. Whyte Eagle was always a wonderfully even-handed and unbiased poster, who could see both sides of a topic while maintaining true to his own positions. It’s part of what made him a good moderator on his own forum and made him a good person to talk to about the duties of managing forums. Whyte Eagle consistently showed himself to be knowledgeable, generous with his time and talents, and who knew how to use his dry sense of humor to deflect anger and harshness and recover a conversation into a meaningful dialogue. He was also an uncommonly modest person who did not boast about his skills or what he knew, but let his knowledge and wisdom speak for itself…which it did so both frequently and undeniably.

I was fortunate…no…I was blessed enough to have visited with Whyte Eagle last month at the Treasures of Utah 15th Anniversary camp out. For me this was a deeply personal event and one I’m so glad he and his wife found time for. Whyte Eagle’s Ancient Historical Research Foundation stood as the blueprint for the type of work I always knew could come from an endeavor like the Treasures of Utah/Ancient Lost Treasures forums and represented the logical step forward from merely posting on forums to developing solid relationships built around mutual respect, the quest for knowledge, and the thoughtful use of time, technology and human talent to further positive goals in the broad realm of Historical research. Whyte eagle showed himself to be honorable, thoughtful and motivating to me personally as he used the AHRF as a vehicle to further not only his own causes, but to those he felt were in line with the work they sought to achieve as well. In this respect, Whyte Eagle supported the Treasures of Utah by frequently providing support for get togethers and encouraged the people he worked with to support us as well. The past two Treasures of Utah events were heavily supported and promoted by members of the AHRF and Whyte Eagle showed his personal support by hosting speaking engagements by myself. These generous endeavors cannot be understated and reflected his giving spirit and loyalty and I am grateful to have had his support. Mostly, because I understand that support represented not just logistics, but a sincere reflection of how he felt about the work I was doing and what his support said to me about his own faith, belief, respect and encouragement in what I was doing. His support spoke volumes, but like so much about him it’s what he didn’t say that resonated the most.

I was fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time at the most recent camp-out talking to Whyte Eagle one on one. We discussed two things and I hope I do him no disservice by briefly touching on both topics. Whyte Eagle was unusually lucid, usually saying little, offering only bits of information that required effort and precise questioning to achieve results. I admired Whyte Eagle who was quiet, soft spoken and whose very cadence and patterns of speech were calming and reflective. He didn’t have to be the center of attention, he didn’t demand the approval or support of others…he gained it naturally by being open minded, thoughtful, respectful and introspective. He could challenge without being condescending but more importantly, he was satisfied with his own awareness and evidences and never in my years of knowing him demonstrated an unhealthy ego.

Whyte Eagle spoke to me at length about one of his pet projects, I think I’ll keep it to myself what it was. But it was an unusual revelation of his hard work, analysis and evidences. And while I fear he might have taken some promising work to the grave, I trust his judgement implicitly about why he had held back and not made this work public. It was an unparalleled (for me anyway) gift of wisdom, insight, hard work and something that was deeply personal and I feel blessed by having him share it with me. We also talked at length about the AHRF and its members, primarily Terry, Utahna and Darby. I confessed that based on my own limited interactions with them (except terry who I had known for as long as Whyte Eagle), that I felt they were an amazing group of people and that if they represented the AHRF that it was an origination with limitless potential. He agreed. I add this last part to express my deepest sympathies to Whyte Eagle’s family particularly his wonderful wife Maria as well as his friends. I say this because Shawn touched me enormously, as I hope I’ve adequately demonstrated, but did so with fairly limited interaction. My heart aches for the loss of my friend, and cannot fathom what loss his passing represents to those who knew him so much better than I did.

Whyte Eagle dedicated his life to understanding the mysteries of the world around him. History, geography, archaeology and the gospel…how they co-existed, how they supported one another and how they existed independently. My heart aches for my loss, and envies Shawn Davies because I know where he is now, so many mysteries have been answered and he has moved onto new challenges and mysteries elsewhere. I apologize for rambling on and lament that nothing I can say truly captures everything I feel. God be with you all in your time of sorrow. My sincerest hope is that the AHRF recovers from their loss and continues to carry out the work Shawn hoped could be completed. Thank you for your time and may God comfort you all in your time of loss and struggle…

Randy Bradford
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Randy Bradford
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#2  Postby KsTHer » Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:41 pm

It has been my privilege to have spoken with Whyte Eagle over the phone and to meet him personally at the Treasures of Utah Forum 15th Anniversary Campout this past month. I had Private Messaged him on occasion from time to time and I found him to be a man of integrity. I for one am going to miss him and regret that I didn't know him better. Tim (Geogeek) and I were allowed to cut up and harass each other in the "Night Shift Sux" forum which was started a few years ago. This surprised Tim, but Whyte Eagle (Shawn) understood that it was just our playful rantings (all in fun) and allowed the discussion. For this, we were grateful to Whyte Eagle. Whyte Eagle even got involved a time or two in the conversation.

Whyte Eagle will be missed by all members on this forum, but especially by me. Vaya con Dios, my friend. Go with God, mi amigo.

Ron Guilfoyle aka KsTHer
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#3  Postby Morningstar » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:50 pm

Funeral services for our beloved friend and forum administrator, Shawn Davies (Whyte Eagle), will be as follows:

Saturday, June 20, 2015
220 South Jeannine Drive, Murray, Utah
Viewing: 9:30-11:15 a.m.
Funeral: 11:30

Whyte Eagle, we miss you already. The Ancient Lost Treasures forum, the Ancient Historical Research Foundation, and our own personal lives will not be the same without you. Every AHRF meeting, every excursion, every research project and late-night computer research session, you will be there in our hearts. Goodbye dear friend, you are truly loved.
~Sakari Morningstar
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#4  Postby bonuntr » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:38 pm

I am deeply saddened to hear of Whytes passing. Although I had never met the man, I read all of his posts and had great respect for his insights. He will truly be missed. One more treasure hunter moves on to the greatest adventure of all.
The treasure hunting world is a little lonlier place today.....
So many mysteries on earth...so little time here...
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#5  Postby eureka » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:09 pm

Shawn at fall of 14 Morgan Pow wow
IMG_1466.JPG (3.14 MiB) Viewed 1538 times
I logged on today after being gone for a week to see this news.
Shocking to say the least. I will remember Shawn as a friend I
wish I had known better. I met him 8 years ago after stocking his web site
for years. He welcomed my son and I into the group with open arms and was
a wealth of information. Thank you Shawn for your work on this site as well as
arranging seminars,camp outs, and meetings. I have always appreciated
the work you and the other board members have done for us all.
I know you now have the answers you were looking for. You will be
greatly missed by us all.

I wish your wife and family well in this time of sorrow
My sincere condolences.-- EUREKA

Dan Kay
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#6  Postby geogeek » Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:48 pm

KsTHer wrote: Tim (Geogeek) and I were allowed to cut up and harass each other in the "Night Shift Sux" forum which was started a few years ago. This surprised Tim, but Whyte Eagle (Shawn) understood that it was just our playful rantings (all in fun) and allowed the discussion. For this, we were grateful to Whyte Eagle. Whyte Eagle even got involved a time or two in the conversation.

I was stunned when Ron called and told me Shawn (Whyte Eagle) had passed. Indeed Ron and I got away with a banter that I hope all enjoyed. I am sure there were times when Whyte Eagle was laughing too hard to delete or edit our posts. I never met him, but he gave me a huge amount of space when what I posted was very border line. I will miss his presence very much. Who else will let me back on the site when I kick myself off the site. Shawn was one of those men I never met face to face. I just barely met Ron face to face a little over a year ago.

My blessings to Whyte Eagle's family and friends,

If you can't find your glasses or your keys when you pressed the edge of late, go look in the mirror and open your hands. BTW, do you have oil in and for your lamp?
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Re: Whyte Eagle

Post Number:#7  Postby littlered » Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:00 pm

Well it was quite a shock to me when I finally logged in after a very long absence. I never got to meet Shawn in person in spite of many attempts to do so. We were supposed to view some items last fall while I was in Utah that I know now I will never see. Billy Lester was a mentor and friend to me on this forum and after his passing I found that I did not have a common interest with anyone else here. I had not logged in since this past spring so I had no idea about Shawn's passing. I wish his family the best and I also wish his many friends the same.
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