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Ojibwe Wiigwaasabak

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A wiigwaasabak is a birch scroll, sewn together with cedar roots, used ceremonially by Ojibwe medicine men.

They use geometric diagrams to explain many complex things and have been handed down for generations.

This particular 2.6-meter long wiigwaasabak was made by Eshkwaykeeshik (James Red Sky). It recounts the historical journey of the Ojibwe people from their home along the Zhiiwitaagani-gichigami (Atlantic Ocean) to the Nayaano-nibiimaang Gichigamiin (Great Lakes) which occurred in the 14th and 15th centuries.

https://decolonialatlas.wordpress.com/2 ... ion-chart/

What is the best explanation for "Europan" DNA in most of the (indiginous) Ojibwe Indians?
The large presence of y-haplogroup R1b (up to 80%) amongst males of Ojibwe Indians, together with the findings of Solutrean-like stone-age artefacts in North-east America are strong arguments for the Atlantic-Solutrean theory. The common knowledge that R1b only arrived in western Europe 5.000 BP and later is a common argument against that theory. Is there no possibilty that branches of the R1b y-haplogroup arrived much earlier in western-Europe?

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Johannes Musch, Archaeologist
Answered 18 Jun 2015
One has to be very carefull by trying to give an answer to this question. Most archaeologists have no specific knowledge of DNA and genetics and so they must rely on what specialists in this particular matter provide. The interpretation of the archaeological dataset in combination with DNA of nowadays populations can have implications for migration theories. But the data should be verified by both archaeologists and population geneticists before the acceptance of viable theories and models.
Now, about the presence of y-haplogroup R1b in 80 % of the nowadays Ojibwe. One can propose several models which have all to be verified before accepting one of them as the most viable :
The Ojibwe are originating from a population with the same origin as Western-Europeans with the same DNA marker. Since we know that R1b only arrived in western Europe 5.000 BP, than most probably they had their origin somewhere in the Middle-East since we know that in that period Europe was undergoing the Neolithic Revolution coinciding with probable population movements. So Ojibwe and Western Europeans would have the same origin stemming from a population living somewhere in the Middle-East ?
Western Europeans with y-haplogroup R1b would be originating from Ojibwe people having crossed the Atlantic somewhere just before 5000 BC.
Ojibwe underwent mixing with European settlers and traders during the early contact period. We know that French traders or so-called "coureurs des bois" established contact with Ojibwe starting from 1640 and lasting at least until the end of the 18th century. The French provided the Ojibwe with guns and European goods which permitted them to attain superiority facing enemy tribes. Children born from contact between Ojibwe women and French traders will not have been mentioned in any official records (if they existed) and will probably not have been regarded as Europeans by the Ojibwe themselves, but merely accepted naturally as tribes members.
So these are some possible models. Perhaps more explanations are possible. More research of the database is needed (archaeological, genetical and historical) before accepting one of the models as the most plausible.

https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best- ... we-Indians
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Red Sky's migration chart with annotations
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Red Sky's migration chart
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