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Re: Holy Grail in America - Knights Templars

Post Number:#51  Postby Kanabite » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:24 pm

SlideguitarMan wrote:Hi Bob
no I didn't hack into the forum
but I got that big fat Walmart Bunny past the censors LOL

I had you guys going for a Bit
btw NOGO , I bleached the camera lens after I took that photo
of Fatty Patty

Hi Rog,
How ya holding up man?
Unlike the T net not see's, I've been worried about ya!
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Re: Holy Grail in America - Knights Templars

Post Number:#52  Postby nogo » Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:37 pm

thanks for the quick response
i only wanted the patch size --to do a comparison --to
get a realistic size of those bars in the picture--
and from there some kind of weight

as far as all those little "boxes" go,i forgot to mention
the one in hopi territory--digger-2(that guy on the other
forum)-posted a pic of another box (petroglyph)(same as the
one in a scoot wolmer film--(historeconomy channel)

generally i like to read your stuff- it really clears up
alot of those dots-that are not connected--- in the back of my mind

i guess the difference between the # of horses,and the # of
horses asses,in our world, will never be totally rectified
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