Egyptian Treasure Accumulation MAINE

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Egyptian Treasure Accumulation MAINE

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:18 am

So, here I am. Lounging around like a lizard in the sun in the great State of Maine, researching all of the sites that I have been able to accumulate in the short time that I've lived here. Folks, Maine has it ALL...the treasures are many, the lobster is fantastic (and cheap), the ladies are true ladies, the economy is booming (unlike the rest of America)!!!

But, let's get to the topic at hand....Egyptian treasure accumulation rooms in the State of Maine. The "Owl of Minerva" was used by the Egyptians to mark out their accumulation rooms, whcih is this case are located along the coast of Maine, in a protected harbor. This symbol, The Owl of Minerva, is equivalent to, and used in the Egyptian "alphabet" as the letter "M". As we all know the "M" is a major treasure symbol that represents the Owl in the treasure codes.

So, basically, the Egyptians have been here for a long time. Just like the Iranians and Iraqi's. The book "North American Sun Kings" by Joseph Mahan, discusses the fact that the Cherokee Indians (and others) came from the Middle East over 3,000 years ago. In this case, these Egyptians were here in America to mine the gold and silver, and they hauled their wealth to this accumulation on the coast, where it would be stored until the next ship sailed to Egypt with the contents of the treasure room.

The mines that these Egyptians worked (many of them in Maine) are also marked out in their own specific way, and it takes a good eye to "see" the monuments that were constructed for the purpose of guiding the people back to the coastal treasure room to unload their burden, then turn around and go back and do it all again.

It should be noted that the State of Maine has the largest gold discovery in U.S. history. I thought of Sutter's Mil in California as the biggest gold find, but Maine holds that title. Precious gemstones are found in abundance. I mean, the list goes on and on.

I have been on several of the main Maine rivers, and have counted dozens of Pirate treasure sites, dozens of Egyptian sites (which are alongside the Pirate monuments).....Aztec sites.......the list goes on. There are some signs that I have never seen before. Even at the Tumacacori Mission accumulation room I found Egyptian sigs to the same room/mines, so to see these same signs in Maine was no suprise really. BUT.....these other signs are old...old. Never seen anything like 'em.

Anyway, Egyptians were gathering gold and other wealth, in what is now Maine, thousands of years before "knumb-nuts" Columbus. Some of them stayed here and populated the lands, others were busy hauling treasure back to the King of their Country.
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Re: Egyptian Treasure Accumulation MAINE

Post Number:#2  Postby sanpete » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:49 am

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