Circles carved onto Stone

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Circles carved onto Stone

Post Number:#1  Postby Historian1800 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:56 pm

Hello everyone, on my journey through a near by mountain, I came across a flat topped boulder with strange markings carved onto it.
I sadly did not take any pictures of the rock at the time of discovery, but will be doing so soon. I have attached a drawings of what the rock and the carvings looked like to this topic.

The rock was positioned on a little hill near a dirt-road, the markings were about 5mm deep and 20 mm in radius (although it did look like the rock had eroded a lot). There was a middle circle surrounded by 7 other circles, with the left-most circles intertwining (thus forming an 8 symbol). The top smooth surface of the rock was slightly slanted and faced the west (roughly south-west) direction. If anyone has any information of what these signs might mean, it would be quite helpful and might lead to the discovery of something mind-boggling. Thank you for your time.
A rough sketch of what the rock looked like. And what the symbol formation was constructed of and its arrangement.
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