The "Duck" Symbol on Maps: How to Deal With It

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The "Duck" Symbol on Maps: How to Deal With It

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:01 am

This information is good and legitimate for ALL maps of the Spanish, Catholic Church, Mormons, Jesse James (and other outlaw groups), Masons, etc. In other words, ANY Map that has a Duck symbol on it, or the number "39" (the number of the Duck), will use this coded technique to fool you and lead you astray, whether it be a symbol-style map, letter-style map, etc.

You should already know about the fact that the Duck symbol is telling you to "be careful, that the true treasure trail "ducks" out on you" and leaves you wondering around going nowhere. You should also know that the duck symbol is telling you exactly what point the treasure room/mine is located at....the very first step of the treasure trail...the Alpha.

It is for this reason, (knowing that the duck tells you that the treasure/mine is at the first step), that maps using this duck symbol have done something to really "give it to you", to really screw you up in the field. All other maps (that do not use the duck) will lead you to the Alpha, and you simply make your way along the treasure trail until you come to the spot where the covered opening is located. But in the case of these duck maps, knowing that the treasure is at the first step, they "slip it to you" by showing you an alpha, however, it is a false Alpha. Oh sure, the Alpha exists, but not in the place where the map shows it. What you actually have to do is make it to the second step of the maps' directions and then "back pedal" to the actual Alpha site. It's really quite ingenious, to say the least. So, if you have a "duck map", forget about the Alpha shown on the map, and go to the second step given on the map, then locate the alpha (treasure room) from there.

I already know many of you have been reding my posts and have been getting close to a treasure room, or at least you thought you were. I can tell by the e-mails that you need this bit on info, so I am releasing it.

Hope it helps you get to your treasure.
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Re: The "Duck" Symbol on Maps: How to Deal With It

Post Number:#2  Postby Lostaslost » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:40 pm

Digin4it, I have not ever seen a duck on a treasure map. I have seen carved on trees Eagles where there was a buried treasure at one time. I have also seen a cat symbol where this was showing a treasure had been removed. The cat was not showing the treasure had been removed but at the cat there was a box with a slash right thru it. See Dale Bascoms book. Then I have seen a dove carved also which was supposedly pointing the way with its wing.
Never have I seen a duck and or a lion. I have seen a turtle and one in the Uintas and it was ovious. Of course at that time I was dum and stupid and did not know. I do not even have any idea now where I saw that Turtle at. I have also seen a turtle locally along the river and it was obvious. I think someone wrote about a poodle before here on this site. Never saw one of them either. I do have any picture that shows the symbols I talk about. Of course I do not post anything now days and I ought to but just do not. Sun glyph I have seen two of them and one everyone knows is in Utah. I have seen two Medicine Wheels both in Wyoming and this was this summer. One was showed to me and the other I found. Questions concerning the one I found. Nothing but the big circle of rocks. Nothing else and this is not just what a Medicine Wheel is. Yet it sure was not a indian tepee ring. Too big for that. I only heard of a Medicne Wheel that was at one time on the Medicine Butt this year. I never have seen it since I have been here been here since I used to hunt the Butt. Someone here sure as hell has a picture of it. It was destroyed by radio tower builders. History gone now. Of course everyone knows of the biggest Medicine Wheel in the USA is in the Big Horn Mountains. These wheels are said to have originate by the Indaians at the exact time the Templars would have showed up here 700 hundred years ago. Interesting!

Take care
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Re: The "Duck" Symbol on Maps: How to Deal With It

Post Number:#3  Postby sanpete » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:55 pm

Up Ephraim Canyon then out Willow Creek and under South Mountain I have seen "Ted Bundy" carved in a tree.
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Re: The "Duck" Symbol on Maps: How to Deal With It

Post Number:#4  Postby garrylinn » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:49 am

I have heard that the duck symbol is a common symbol at treasure sites. The most important meaning of the duck symbol is that, you are going to be tricked. Please be careful at the sight of the Duck symbol!
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