Those "Single Trail, Double Treasure" DUCK Sites

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Those "Single Trail, Double Treasure" DUCK Sites

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:14 pm

I first released this information about 4 or 5 years ago, about how there are many DUCK sites out there where there are two treasure rooms along ONE treasure trail.

The first treasure room along these types of trails is ALWAYS at the Alpha, and the second one is found after reaching step 6. So you should see already some of the other symbols that represent these DUCK sites, one of them being 16 (first and 6th step) as well as the P, the 16th letter of the alphabet. Long ago I thought the P represented a POZO, but with time and experience that notion was proven wrong.

Kenworthy goes into these types of double sites, although he doesn't say that that's what they are. If you have his first book Treasure Signs, Symbols, Sun Signs and Shadows, then go to page 54 and 55. There you will see a paper treasure map that was created by Chuck.

Pay attention to the upper left corner, the upper right corner and the lower right corner, where you see these numbers: 7 4 7. Chuck says that this means to go to the Book of JOhn, Chapter 7 and verse 47, where you read the following: ....."Have you also been led astray?" The intention of this verse is to tell you that this map is heavily coded, and while that sounded legitimate decades ago, today it is absolutely laughable. You see, the people who were trained in readin these maps DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THE MAP WAS HEAVILY CODED....they already knew that. And if an "outsider" got ahold of the map, well, anyway. My point here is that even when I get on-line to search for treasure maps I ALREADY know that they're heavily coded. I look for the symbols on the map to see whether it's a treasure map or just an ordinary map.

So what is it that these numbers....7....4...7.....mean? Well, Kenworthy also tells us that. Go to page 27 in the same book and at the top of the page is the number 7.
Here is some of what Chuck says about this 7: "Seven is the number for gold, the perfect precious metal being symbolic of the perfect number. However, this number was seldom ever used on a paper map or document to repre4sent gold unless it was at the top, or off to itself on the page." Folks, the two number 7's on page 54 qualify as 7's that represent is at the top of the page, the other is off to itself at the bottom right corner of the page. Again, Kenworthy's own explanation confirms that this paper map on page 54 is leading to two gold mines(?....two treasure rooms?).

Then there's the 4 at the top right hand corner of the map. This is the DUCK symbol. So, when viewing this map on page 54, and knowing the info I just mentioned, here is the TRUE interpretation of the 747 found in the three corners: "This map shows one treasure trail that leads to two treasures of gold."
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