The "F" Symbol- Step 6 is ALL Important

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The "F" Symbol- Step 6 is ALL Important

Post Number:#1  Postby Digin4it » Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:28 am

You know, the more I delve into the Kenworthy books, the more I think that they all should have been titled : "Have you also been led astray?"

In his first book about treasure signs and symbols, sun signs and shadows, on page 35 we are shown the symbol "F". Actually we're shown two F's with symbols connected to them. Chuck tells us that if we find this F on a map, that it "may well be saying that this is tyhe final step," in other words, at this F step we will find the treasure/mine.

Later in this same book we are told to stay away for the 6th step of a treasure trail because it "is the evil number," part of the 666. Folks, the letter F IS THE 6th step.
F is the 6th letter, and from my own experience, especialy with the double treasure trails, I can tell you FOR CERTAIN that step 6 is probably the MOST VITAL step to locating the treasure or mine opening.

YES.....if you're a Christian then it makes sense to stay away from the 6th step. HOWEVER, the secret societies that use this coded system to hide their treasure ARE NOT Christian, ironically, THEY are a part of the 666.....or the Synagogue of Satan, so it makes perfect sence for them to hide their treasures at step 6 simply because it IS a part of the 666.

When burying their treasures they would say a few incantations to the Evil One, hoping that he would protect their sites and keep outsiders from finding these hidden locations. These treasures were accumulated for the purpose of the take-over of the world (New World Order), for the very time that we are going through today, where3 banks rule, politicians are paid shills for th elite, and the Synagogue is right there. And ALL secret socieites are connected to this Synagogue.

The Pirates used the very same coded system as the Freemasons, which is why you can locate Masonic treasure rooms from the late 1800's just as easily as you can locate a treasure room of the Pirates buries on an island in the Phillippines. The Pirates are known as the Skull and Bones, and today most of our politicians are skull and bones.

Anyway, DIG at step 6. I'm not saying that you will find treasures or a mine everytime on every treasure trail at step 6, I AM saying that, BY FAR, step 6 is where the treasure/mine opening will be located.

Many of you would have found your treasure a long time ago, but let's face it......Kenworthy led us astray.
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